Digital Life Electronics is a business dealing with electronics where we offer you the best quality products which are widely in demand .we are dealers in IC'S Satelite Dishes,Televes Amplifiers Px Boosters,TVs,Tv Kits,Public Adress System ,Astrovox Receiver ,Elies Aerials,Astel Cables e.t.c

Digital Life Electronics

Dealers in: Meters,DVB-T2 Set Top Boxes for Digital TV such as SL-5000T2 Digital Decorder ,IC'S Satelite Dishes,Televes Amplifiers,Px Boosters,TVs,Tv Kits,Public Adress System ,Astrovox Receiver,Elies Aerials,Astel Cables e.t.c

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Digital  Life Electronics

Location:  Juction Kamae Road ,Luthuli Avenue

Tel: 0722129070/ 0790912433

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